Surgically automated calls that allow for a thorough investigation of information to make deeply informed decisions. We leverage comprehensive and custom-built technology to ensure accurate results.

  1. Job Types: One-time or reoccurring
  2. Job Quantity: Single or XLS Upload
  3. Test Type: Actual call completed
  4. Information Available: PreScreenerTM plus real life status
  5. Real Life Status Codes: Ring No Answer, Disconnected, Fax/Modem, Fast Busy, Busy, Active
  6. Message Playback Upon Answer Option: Text to Speech Configurable
  7. Disposition Status Option: Speech To Text Recording or Audio Recording

Use the ClickClickColonoscopyTM service to definitively determine which phone numbers are actually in service for auditing purposes, to determine if a call center is answering calls within SLA, or to catalog phone numbers and where they connect to without paying or relying on humans to do so.