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Any. Landlines, cellular, public or private VOIP, toll free, etc.

Costs are based on a credit system. Each phone number to be tested costs one credit regardless of the number of phone numbers you test. The more credits you buy, the greater your discount and therefore the lower cost per credit.

The cost of one credit is $1, however we do provide volume discounts or other incentives.

The time to test a phone number is nearly instant. It takes approximately TBD seconds to test 100 phone numbers with the ClickClickWithAQuicknessTM feature.

Depends on the test type. With the ClickClickPreScreenerTM service, the phone does not ring. With the ClickClickColonoscopyTM test, yes the phone call will complete and therefore ring.

Yes, you can upload a custom audio file or indicate a text to speech option for the receiver to hear when testing occurs.

We utilize the most advanced telephony magic available. Purely magic.

As of now, only numbers originating in the United States are testable. Other countries will soon follow.

Yes – Please download the simple template HERE.

Currently the upload feature is limited to TBD phone numbers.

Yes – Once you test a phone number, you can re-test at any time for an additional credit.

Several value added data points are available for each phone number tested. Data points including Type: Landline/Cellular, Carrier Name, and Account Owner Caller ID.

Yes – One of the services offered is the ability to test a list of phone numbers automatically on a reoccurring schedule of either daily, weekly, or monthly. Each time this test is ran, you will receive a notification with the results via e-mail.

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